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"Sturma" - Movement on film

I have just released 'Sturma' a movement film piece based on a personal experience of depression, aiming to give an authentic representation and highlight the benefits around reducing stigma.

It was my first fully independently produced movement film piece and involved collaboration from Fran Cattaneo and Marie Morris.

You can watch the film below and find out a little more information, which was posted along with the video on my social media channels.

A little more info: "Using the endless time I currently have I made a short video piece with the help of some amazing collaborators (@francat_photography @marikoshika ) attempting to articulate my personal experience of depression. My aim through the process was to give a representative view of my personal experience, and help spread a small amount of awareness of what some people can be struggling with. Moreover I wanted to highlight how removing stigma is essential because it allows people to talk freely and feel less alone. I’ve been dealign with depression for just over 4 years now, brought on after a tough time in some very tough circumstances. Maybe I was naive but thought depression was something you developed early on, in teens years and so I struggled for a long time to identify what was happening and come to terms with it. This is how it often feels to me, I feel it coming like a storm, high winds, a change in the air pressure, thunder rumbling somewhere in the back of my mind. Sometimes it passes without the rain ever falling, but often it doesn’t and I had to buckle down and ride it out, doing what I can to help myself, which sometimes is very little. Being able to first identify and then talk openly with my friends has been the turning point. And so that’s why i talk so openly about mental illness and mental health, because I know first hand what being able to mention it easily and freely to friends can do and I want that to be the future for everyone. If you’ve been affected by this, or are currently doing through a tough time do reach out to those you feel you can, check out the resources above or my inbox is always open."

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