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L(WM) Performances.

'LOVE (Watching Madness)' is developing and has had several performances in the last few months. Here's an overview:

We had our scratch nights at Poplar Union and The Actors Centre of 15 and then 30 minute showings. These were part of two 'seasons'; a women festival at Poplar Union and as part of the John Thaw initiative at The Actors Centre focussing on mental health. These seasons provided platforms for new works engaging on a specific subject, a real pleasure for us to perform in.

We then performed a two night run of 'LOVE (Watching Madness) at the Drayton Arms Theatre (May 20th & 21st). This allowed us to preview the full version of the show. Many thanks to Drayton Arms for their support and hospitality.

We performed at The Garage theatre in Norwich on June 22nd as part of a double bill with other new company 'We Talk Of Horse'. The company is made up of two other recent UEA graduates, Pip William and Sam Rees. They performed their new show 'You down there and me up here' before they take it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was a positive show in front of a friendly audience, back our place of origin, Norwich.

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