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Online Mental Health Workshops

I have two upcoming opportunities focussing on my work around mental health awareness, building on my work with Inclusion Collective and SpeakUp Theatre. These are:


Mental Health: In and Out of the Rehearsal room

Friday 17th July, 10-12

With Part of the Main, in this workshop, participants will be guided through movement-based exercises, trialled in real in rehearsal rooms, followed by a discussion of the principles and methods at work. This will empower them to facilitate using a practical understanding of mental health awareness and how to bring that into their work.

Elements covered include:

• What actually is a safe space and how to build it

• Why a movement is a useful tool

• Practical tips when leading a rehearsal

• How to explore ‘difficult’ topics/themes creatively and safely

It is aimed at anyone facilitating a rehearsal room.

You can find out more and book a ticket (£8) here.

Movement and Mental Health Sessions

Every Wednesday, 5pm, Zoom

Weekly 30-minute Zooms sessions that incorporate inclusive, accessible movement drawn from themes of mental health awareness and self-compassion.


  • Expressive and fundamental Movement

  • Stretches to distress

  • Body Scans

  • Restorative exercises

Aimed at anyone who needs to take time to connect with themself and their body. They open to all and donation-based.

You can book and found out more via

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