Cognitions at the Fringe

The Cognitions team returned from the fringe very pleased with the run with full, receptive audiences and some wonderful 4 star reviews.

Here are some of the highlights:

Broadway Baby - * * * *

"Cognitions was confessional, poetic physical theatre"

"I didn’t want to miss any of the fantastically choreographed movements that the ‘Cogs’ were performing, with such energy and enthusiasm that it lit the stage"

"The production manages this topic matter with empathy, sensitivity and honesty"

Fringe Guru - * * * *

"An important show to catch at the Fringe this year"

"A poignant show"

"A powerful play which really brings the struggles of a patient as well as their loved ones to life"


Audience Reviews:

"So far the best show I've seen at the Fringe. Thank you so much for this" - Fringe website

"What a beautiful stunning ensemble! Within the first three breaths taken on stage by the performers I was hooked. The story is told through captivating movement and imagery coupled with fearless commitment. The performances were flawless" - Fringe Website

"one of the best shows we've seen and truly affecting, incredible!" - @stonejettyplays, Twitter

"I have not the words to articulate the impact your show had on me! Such important work, needs to be seen!" - @Lady_Lenska, Twitter


The team are incredibly happy for the response and the experience and look forward to making more work soon. Follow the company on facebook and twitter to stay updated with their work.

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